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What is the best moisturizing shampoo to use during winter?

In winter, hair tends to be dry and static.  What shampoo can make hair look best even during the winter season?

Asked by Athena Goodlight on Jan 21, 2013

2 Answers

Kaleidoscope Acres   L6: Pro (Ambassador: L1)   1,709 answers   +833 votes
This answer has +2 votes  by Irene Nevins, Athena Goodlight

What I have always been told is that it is not the shampoo that matters, rather it is the conditioner.

The shampoo is just for cleaning, and pretty much they are equal as long as you pick one for dry hair you will be okay.  Aveeno Nourish and Moisturize is a good shampoo for dry hair as it will not strip it further.

If you want a shampoo and conditioner set and are looking for saloon quality products (use less and they work better) try Moroccan Oil Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner set.

Posted on Jan 21, 2013
Aunty Ann   L5: Authority (Ambassador: L1)   548 answers   +347 votes
This answer has +2 votes  by Irene Nevins, Athena Goodlight

I'd have to agree with Kaleidoscope, in the fact that it is the shampoo's job to cleanse and the conditioner's job to nourish and protect. 

Why not try a product with shea butter such as Fekkai Shea Butter Conditioner? It's a rich, hydrating conditioner and is reasonably priced at $16.57 for 8 oz. 

Posted on Jan 21, 2013

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